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We are Out of Line. We partner with startups to build behavior-changing products.
Who are we?
Tal Shapsa Heiman

Tal is an experienced economist who successfully established the use of behavioral economics tools in Israeli policy making and has advised dozens of startups on behavioral product strategy.

Tal began her career in Wall Street, where for many years she worked with the world’s largest asset managers on macro-financial investment models and asset allocation strategies. She later transitioned to leading strategic reforms in the Israeli Ministry of Finance (Budgets) and founded the government’s behavioral economics initiative, before founding Out of Line. She holds degrees in Law and Economics from Tel Aviv University and an MSc Economics from LSE.

Prof. Dan Ariely
Dan is a professor of psychology and behavioral economics, a thought-leader, an entrepreneur and one of the most influential individuals in the field of applied behavioral economics

His career evolves around studying the forces that drive us and our environment, and developing innovative and practical tools to improve our choices. Dan is the founder of the Center of Advanced Hindsight at Duke, has written several best sellers and has worked with the world’s leading companies and governments, and with hundreds of entrepreneurs. Helping to make social science accessible and beneficial worldwide.
What do we do?
Human Nature

We unlock behavioral challenges across multiple customer pathways. Initial trial, signup, repeated use, and habit formation.



We apply behavioral thinking to product strategy. Pricing, sales, behavioral segmentation and more.


Applied Research

We start with what we already know from the literature, adding our own research, and plotting our learning process for your specific product.


Behavioural Change

We take on projects that aim to help people make better choices, improving wellbeing, health, financial decisions and more.


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The real drivers of behavior are important, and not always intuitive.
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How do we work?
We believe that the real value of social science for startups comes from deep integration into strategy and product. It is an interactive, ongoing process. 
We therefore work with very few companies in a model of long term, equity based partnership. We look for companies who want to learn, experiment and improve over time.

If your company aims to change behavior

And you have an idea about the desired behavior of your customers

But you are not sure what is the best way to achieve this behavioral change

You might consider getting help from experts.

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A) Weekly
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Who is more likely to influence your decision when choosing a restaurant or wine? experts or random people on the internet?
A) Experts
B) Random people
People prefer pizza over higher value in cash. They pay more when payment schedules are frequent and even though they know that their friends are not experts, they trust them more.
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